5 Tips to Boost Your Sexual Confidence

5 Tips to Boost Your Sexual Confidence
If you’ve ever felt shy or self-conscious during a sex session, this is for you. Sure, we all have insecurities, but thinking about them while you’re getting it in is probably not going to lead to the most satisfying time. Get out of your head and relax. With these tips, you’re going to be sexing it up with confidence.

#1. Know yourself
To become more comfortable with your partner, you must first become comfortable with yourself. That means you need to know where you like to be touched and how. Explore your body. If you feel more comfortable touching yourself in privacy, then make sure you have the place to yourself. Sit in front of the mirror and admire your beauty while you pleasure yourself. Take things up a notch by letting your partner watch.

#2. Get yourself in the mood to seduce your partner 
Maybe it’s a bubble bath or 90s slow jams and wine that gets you going. Whatever works for you, do it. Allow the temptress to come out and play.

#3. Leave the lights on
Now is not the time to focus on your body image issues. It’s common to not like your stretch marks or maybe you forgot to wax. Get this out of your head. Focus on how the sensations make you feel and allow all of your senses to be stimulated. No need to hide the goods. Turn your bedroom into a stage. If you’re not at the point where you feel completely comfortable with the lights on, add a little kink to the mix by blindfolding your partner.

#4. Try roleplaying
If you’re playing a character, you won’t have time to get in your head or wonder if you look silly. Stay in the moment. If you’re having fun and your boo is too, then you’re doing it right.
It’s your time to shine. Put the insecurities behind you and bask in your beauty.

#5. Take Control
Prefer the submissive role in the sheets? Switch things up a bit and dominate from time to time. Lead the show by suggesting sex positions. Don’t be afraid to let your partner know what you like. Getting out of your comfort zone will boost your sexual confidence.

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